New Mexico Wildlife Federation

In the fall of 2015 I was living in Brooklyn and looking for a new job. I knew I wanted to stay in conservation so focused on jobs related to that field. I also knew that my husband and I were looking to leave New York City at some point so I also looked for remote jobs where I could potentially work from anywhere if we decided to move. With these criteria in mind, I happened across a remote job at the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. They focused on wildlife conservation, hunting and fishing, and public lands access. I knew next to nothing about New Mexico, but having just traveled to Alaska, I was very interested in subsistence hunting and the impact hunters and other recreators connected to the land could have on conservation. I submitted my application and completely forgot about it (as one does when in job search mode).

A couple weeks later I received a call from the Executive Director and he said my resume was at the top of the pile. We set up a time to meet the day after Thanksgiving in Chelsea. It was during the interview that I realized the job involved moving to New Mexico. The job sounded interesting and the ED was clearly very passionate about the work. When I got home I told my husband I thought the interview went well but it involved moving to New Mexico. He basically said okay let’s move to New Mexico then. To make a longish story a little longer, I got a job offer and within two weeks had said goodbye to my friends and family in the tri-state area and moved to Albuquerque. That was three years ago and I’ve loved every minute of it (and yes my husband eventually joined me).

During my time at NMWF I have increased our social media presence, highlighted our issues through press releases, built a new easy to use website, revamped a biannual publication for statewide distribution, and helped protect public lands across New Mexico.

Here are some of the highlights:

Outdoor Reporter Editions, Select Stories:

Press Releases:


Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds:

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