One of the great things about New Mexico is the long growing season. Back in New York, I probably would’ve needed a least another month to do any planting. Here I saw sprouts at the end of April.

My plants are coming along great. Everything is beginning to bloom now so I spend about half an hour each day taking seeds from the tree out of my flower beds.


Get out of there seeds, you’re taking up space for my wildflowers!

It’s great seeing the sprouts come up at different times. The different plants should be flowering at different times so the bees will hopefully be able to pollinate all spring and summer.


I hung up my other pollinating plants in my big tree in the backyard. I want all the pollinators to have lots of places to roam in the backyard, and the plants needed a little more shade than they were getting. They’re both really shooting up!

I immediately realized after I through out the containers for the plants that I didn’t jot down their names – not very scientific for my grad school program I know. I’m going to keep researching and try and figure out what they are, or go back to the store I got them out so I can learn more about what it is pollinators like about them.

I also put these plants in the tree because I ordered a bat box and I’m hoping they’ll welcome the bats into the tree if and when they show up as well. Stay tuned!

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