The End and Flowers

I can’t believe the semester is basically over! Don’t worry – some of my wildflowers bloomed just in time for me to update everyone.


Look at those cute little flowers!

I haven’t seen any bees yet but there have been some butterflies and even hummingbirds! Here’s a bad picture of a hummingbird in my backyard:


Trust me, that’s a hummingbird. In addition to the seeds I planted I also added some hanging plants meant to attract pollinators.

I was going to register my backyard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation but I don’t have a “water source” yet. I will probably do this eventually, but I haven’t yet found a water fountain or source I’m in love with yet and that won’t waste too much water.

I look forward to continuing to watch my garden bloom and see who shows up!

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