New to New

Tomorrow is March 1st which marks my second month in New Mexico. I like New Mexico. It is hard to say why I like New Mexico. It’s possible it has a lot to do with how I felt about living in New York recently. A lot of it has to do with the weather and the slower pace. I think a big part of it has to do with the fact that everything is completely new and I’m starting over mostly on my own and that is very exciting.DSCN2101

A lot of things I’m doing here are things my husband and I had talked about wanting to do for a long time – we now have an entire house to live in, our new hedgehog is spinning in his wheel across the hall, and soon the backyard will be filled with vegetables and flowers. I’m finally going to build a bat box! After living in some temporary places, I think settling into my own place will only accelerate this feeling of “hey we get to do these things we’ve wanted for so long.”

DSCN2122 (1)

I love New York and I loved New York. I spent five amazing years there building friendships and exploring different places and eventually meeting my husband. But New York changed, as it always does, and I changed so it was time for a change. My priorities were no longer going out until 4 am every weekend or always making it to brunch or trying every bar that looked interesting. My priorities increasingly became how often can I get outside and take a hike and when can I get a dog?12794441_10102598443719769_1455018393825944346_n

In New Mexico I can live in a whole house for less than what I paid for about 350 square feet in New York, go to beautiful outdoor locations all the time in warmer weather, and work at a job that challenges me and let’s me be creative. Even more importantly, they know the job isn’t everything and it’s okay to go home when you’re done working and it’s not about the amount of hours you put in but the work you actually get done.

Now that I’m settled into my new place, I’m going to start doing the things I wanted to do while living on my own even more: hike, volunteer, learn Spanish, write, cook, and have a badass garden. And get really into aliens.

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